Products - Lids and stoppers

Lid for ketchup, mustard, dressing

“YANNICK” lids for ketchup, mustard and dressings are of circular shape with a polished surface, clip-on lid and safety seal preventing leak of the contents. The shape of the lid is designed for total drain of the bottle contents. The lid is being applied on the bottle by a striking force (not screwing). Due to the lid shape and fixing, the bottle can be placed TOP-DOWN. Industrial property office has issued the confirmation of record for the industrial sample for the bottle lid. The lids are made from poly-propylene MOSTEN MA 712. The standard color is red, type HP 430.507, but can be produced in the color of the customer’s choice. The lids are being shipped in a plastic bag of 1100 pcs and packaged in a cardboard box of diameter 600x400x400mm. The lids are being shipped in EUR pallets, with 20 boxes sealed by stretch foil in a total of 22000 pcs of lids per pallet.