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Medius 2L

These boxes, for single use, are designed for medical (contaminated) waste, such as small dangerous waste, single used needles, scalpels, pipettes, piercers, glass dice, ampules, etc. This box meets waste catalogue norms and standards of marking of 180101 sharp items, which are considered for dangerous waste. Containers for biological waste meet the 195/2005 standards.
They also meet the recommendations in dealing with medical waste issued by the Ministry of the Environment, Praha. Slots in the lid serve for removing used needles out without touching them by hand. They are practical and suitable for any general practice, laboratories, etc.
The holder fixes and stabilizes the Yannick box so it can not be easily overturned. The holder can be either screwed or stuck to the e.g. table, trolley, etc., by removing protection paper from the double sided sticker, at the base of the Yannick box